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Model: OG144
Recycler oil rig Height: 10 " showerhead perc14mm jointwith quartz banger in 4mm..
Model: PHX434
Freezable coilHeight: 10 incheswith golden  phoenix logowith showerhead perc ..
Model: SP34
Height: 10 inchesThickness: 5mmthree different colors ..
Model: SP33
Gradient water pipeHeight: 10 InchesBase diameter: 4 inches  with ice catchermixed colors ..
Model: PHX477
Mothership Fab Klein      Height: 10  inchesPerc:matrix percJoint Size:14.4  mmRecycler  ..
Model: WP88
Height: 10 inchesThickness: 5 mmpink mouth, pink base, pink downstem, pink bowlBaker base diameter: 3.5 inches                    with hello kitty logo..
Model: PHX39
Diamond BaseHeight: 10 inchesThickness: 5 mm                 with color Plastic Clipcolor bowlwith golden phoenix logo..
Model: PHX41
a divided and dual styleHeight: 10 inchesThickness: 7 mm             mixed colorswith golden phoenix logo..
Model: HD201
7mm thick glassHeight: 10 inches50x7mm glass tube3-D Hand Painting ..
Model: PHX40
Square baseHeight: 10 inchesThickness: 5 mm           with Plastic Clipwith golden phoenix logomixed colors ..
Model: HD07
Height: 10 inches5mm glass tubethe same pattern as the picture ..
Model: PHX395
Freezable coilHeight: 10 incheswith golden phoenix logo..
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