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WARNING:Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical.-Health Canada

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Model: PHX01
Thickness: 5 mmBase diameter: 3.5 inches                    with black Plastic Clipblack bowlwith golden phoenix logothree different colors: the black, the blue and the green..
Model: H194
Waterwheel water pipe with printing123mm*75mm.weight: 225gincluding glass bowl ..
Model: H246
wizard water pipe155*49mm*60mmweight: 174gincluding glass bowl ..
Model: H226
Wooden glass water pipes305*93mmweight: 455gincluding glass bowl ..
Model: H229
Wooden glass water pipes173*33*110mmweight: 320gincluding glass bowl ..
Model: H203
Yoda water pipe125*90mmincluding glass bowl weight: 178g..
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